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Jeff Calley comes to Corcoran with a wealth of entrepreneurial, sales and tourism industry experience. Before relocating to Hawaii in 2012, he owned and operated a busy travel agency. He’s also served as a tour development manager, as well as a photovoltaic sales specialist and installation manager.

During his time as a buyer for Costco Travel, Jeff successfully implemented and launched the company’s Caribbean travel program. Throughout his time in real estate, Jeff has garnered a great deal of praise from his clients, crediting his success to his ability to understand their most important needs.

A travel enthusiast who has a passion for new experiences, in 2010, Jeff enrolled in the rigorous Le Cordon Bleu culinary program, where he was elected Chef de Cuisine by his fellow students.

When he isn’t researching new and undiscovered aspects of Hawaii, Jeff can be found volunteering in beach clean-up events through the Rotary Club of South Hilo, developing a series of fiction books, and riding his Rockhopper bike along the rugged coastal terrain of Puna.

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"Welcome home is right! In January of 2019 I had the pleasure of traveling to one of my favorite places in the world to meet Jeff so he could show me potential homes and further familiarize myself with the Island to see if I could manage a move to Hawaii. He was very generous with his time, and knowledgeable of the area and houses.

I spent close to a week looking at property, soaking up the local flavor and sharing my dreams with him. I returned to the mainland and felt quite comfortable making a decision to buy a house from long distance. I wouldn't call it "sight unseen" because Jeff was beside me all the way showing me places through Skype plus thanks to him, I knew the neighborhoods because I'd been there!.

After returning to California, I felt very supported as I kept looking while waiting for my condo in Palm Springs to sell. All said and done, I found my forever home and could not have managed it without the support, guidance and extreme expertise that the Jeff gave freely and generously.

I arrived a week ago! So now I'm living in paradise, I have great neighbors and I also have a wonderful man as a friend. The Aloha Spirit beats STRONG in the heart of Jeff! My life is truly blessed. Anyone want some avocados? I've got three trees! Coconut, banana, and two types of guava! WOOHOO! "

- Jefe K. - Pahoa HI

"I will never forget how Jeff bailed me out by giving me a pair of slippers when mine blew out walking to the Black Sand beach at Uncle Robert's. I'd walked about a mile barefoot and though we were only casual friends at the time, he gave me spare slippers and I was able to stay and enjoy Uncle Robert's with mainland guests, who were very amazed to experience Aloha in its truest form."

- Don J. - Pahoa HI

"I first met Jeff Calley more than 3 decades ago at a tourism conference and was instantly attracted to him by his intelligence, charisma and friendly approachability. While we remained connected through our business interests, our friendship deepened steadily over the years. Often separated by considerable distances and long lapses in contact, it was his personality, his values such as honesty, commitment, and integrity that kept me tied to him.

Jeff Calley is a man I trust. He has consistently been available in my time of need both professionally and on a personal level. A rare gem of a man who honestly offers his help without hesitation, follows through on his promises and remains loyal to his values. The “what you see is what you get” type of guy.

Jeff has the perfect personality and experience in both business and life to make ‘dreams come true’ for people seeking his help. Many enter this business seeking only large profits…. Jeff’s motivation and genuine drive to help people will profit everyone."

- Ursula W., Vancouver B.C.

"Jeff Calley is a seasoned gentlemen in the skills, mindset, and integrity needed to be successful in real estate.

I have known Jeff since college days. I have developed a lot of respect, admiration for his individual and collaborative work ethic, for how he conducts his affairs, and mostly, how he treats others with honesty, kindness and respect. When one is seeking assistance in selling their home, or finding a new one, they are of course seeking competence in the technical and legal aspects of buying/selling homes, as well as first-hand knowledge of the market they are working in.

Just as important, one needs to feel confidence and trust that your needs will be listened to with sincerity, treated with honesty, and completed with patience and thoroughness. In my personal home buying and financing experience, our “gut” level trust of those guiding us through the process was as important as any knowledge or specific skill.

Jeff demonstrates the kind of “look you in the eyes” connection with which one can build that relationship of trust, and it’s genuine. Jeff has an uncanny ability to narrate situations, events, and stories with color, imagination—yet being succinct.

Loving life, loving people, working hard, and finding whatever joy one can even on challenging days seems to be his “guiding light.” I also know that his creativity and work ethic is so strong that he will go the extra mile to research any aspect of a customer’s needs for complete satisfaction."

- David S. - Edmonds WA


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