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• いそのなな ハワイ州公認不動産取引士 GRI | CLHMS | e-PRO RS-75329  

全米にオフィスを展開し、リアルターの敏腕エリートが集うCorcoran Pacific Properties (コーコラン・パシフィックプロパティーズ) カハラオフィス所属。日英バイリンガル。


東京都出身。女子美術大学、造形学科卒。 シアトルでの留学を経て1995年にハワイへ移住。2006年より大手タイムシェアー業界のマーケティングチームに勤務。大手2社にてトップの成績を修めたのち、ハワイにおける不動産に興味を持ちハワイ州公認不動産取引士のライセンス取得。ハワイ最大規模 の大手不動産ブロケージで7年間レジデンシャル不動産売買の実績を積んだ後、ラグジュアリー不動産を多く取り扱うブロケージの社長自らヘッドハントされ2年半の高級物件売買の経験経て、現在オアフ、マウイ、ハワイ、カウアイの4島及び全米各地の高級不動産とすべての物件をハイブリットに取り扱う「コーコランパシフィック」に移籍。また、知識と実績のみならず、米プロフェショナルホームステージャー、日本ホームステージング協会プロ1級としての顔もあり、売却物件をより魅力的な空間にステージングして売却スピードと価格を高め、スムーズに取引を行うことができるのも “いそのなな” をお抱えのリアルターとして慕う顧客があとをたたない理由の一つでもある。


― 不動産エージェントとしてお客様を物件成約の成功者に導くためには、普段からの丹念なマーケットリサーチ、お客様とのコミュニケーションも大事だと思っています。不動産を手に入れるのは泳いでいる魚を取るのに似ていて、市場の動きのパターンを把握し、売るのにも、買うのにも良いタイミングを見計らい、これという案件が目の前に現れたときに、間違いなくそれは手に入れるべき案件か、またはそれが売るのによい時期かどうかを理論と理論、そして勘をもって即座に判断できればたいていにおいて勝者になれると思います。


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"Nana Isono is an excellent real estate professional. She was able to sell my Waikiki property for above asking price in less than 45 days. I actually had a different realtor past few month to list my home, but it has never been sold over 90 days. I found Nana at one of the open houses in Waikiki for her own listing. I was amazed how she approached us, even though after I told her I already have a realtor. Nana gave me advice about market strategy, and advised me to mention it to my realtor as my idea. I was very moved, and I wanted Nana to sell my home. Nana put a lot of effort into her marketing and networking, and made me feel like I was her top priority. She has amazing communication skills with both prospects and myself. I was also impressed she never said anything negative about the other realtor who listed my property before her. Nana used words such as “It’s a little different style of marketing” :) She is such a nice person! I would strongly recommend Nana if you are a highly motivated seller or buyer in this booming real estate market."

- T. S.

"There are no words to adequately describe how grateful we are to the realtor NANA ISONO. We feel very fortunate to have met her. Acting as our (buyers) representative, Nana was brilliant at patiently steering us through our first home buying experience in the United States. My wife and I had been living in rental property for almost over 20 years, but Nana mentioned purchasing a home would be a great saving & investment for us. Her knowledge of the market we were looking at, her ability to help us look objectively at the pros and cons of all target areas we were considering at the time, and her ability to negotiate on our behalf to the seller's agent were amazing and perfect! Nana helped lead to a quick and painless closing with the seller. Her knowledge of the local banking, lending and mortgage process, and the manner in which she helped guide and steer us through the loan application process, resulted in quick loan approval with a mortgage that we are delighted with. All the above endeared us to Nana as a polished professional. Her delightful and winsome personality made us feel as if buying a home from a trusted friend and neighbors. I enthusiastically recommend Nana to my friends and family."

- M.T. & T.M.

"I am so grateful for my vacation home in Hawaii that Nana Isono has found for me and my family. With all thanks to Nana's knowledge of real estate and interest in what we were looking for, we are able to stay in our dream home, in a great neighborhood and location when we visit here. She worked very hard to take care of all what was needed to help us breeze through our buying process with no complications. If I or anyone I know were to ever buy or sell, Nana would definitely be my choice of realtor! My family and I trust her and know that she would do whatever was needed to get the job done for us!"

- H.K.

"Nana is a highly skilled real estate agent whom I am fortunate to know in the short few months she worked with me. She is personable, honest, and proactive in helping me to buy replacement properties. Nana is very friendly and professional, has a great attitude and an inspired confidence as a realtor. Her negotiation skills are impeccable. I trust Nana not just as my real estate agent but as my good friend. Nana has a true interest in homes and architecture, paid close attention to the details of my preferences and advised me on the best possible matches. I strongly recommend Nana to my family and friends for all their real estate needs. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future when I purchase or sell homes again."

- J.L.

"With all the real estate companies & even more relators to choose from, I was lucky to have been referred to Nana by a good friend. She had both sold & found homes for a few people I knew and really lived up to her awesome reputation. Nana was very professional, always accessible and worked around the clock to find me my perfect first home in a very short time. I would definitely choose to work with Nana again."

- M.S.

"Nana Isono is professional, easy to work with, very hard working and pays attention to details. I would definitely choose her to help me when I need help to buy or sell property again."

- M.O.


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