ELITE ADVENTURES Takes on 40 Knot Winds at Diamond Head!

Posted Friday, January 19, 2018 - By Paul D. Chicoine

Following an epic Billion Dollar celebration party the night before, seven brave souls set out on the first ELITE Adventures Tour!  Hosted by Elite’s own, Stephen Cipres, the team assembled at the famous surf spot, Diamond Head Beach Park.  

As we pulled up in the Magic Van full of surfboards, (thank you Mary Lavoie Olson for lending us your staging van) we noticed strong winds clocking 35 - 40 knots.  YIKES… The wind swell had generated some large waves and a massive current flowing southwest.   

The team geared up, waxed up, and walked the pathway down to the shoreline.  With boards ranging from 8-foot to 12-feet, carrying down the boards down in the wind was the first adventure!

At the shoreline, with sand blowing in our facing, we set out to sea.  Paddling up wind was like a ship in a storm; huge drafts of waves covering the noses of our boards, eyes blinded by the salt spray.

Frank and Bill were first to grab a few waves, followed by Stephen and Paul. The wind actually created a few “nuggets” in which the peak of the waves created a nice steep take off and the wind groomed a wall to carve a few turns from.

As Stephen and Paul kicked out of a wave, they noticed fellow adventures were heading down wind and over the reef.--  not an ideal situation. With a little assistance, everyone was able to paddle back in and make it to shore.   

Walking back up the pathway, again with massive wind and huge surfboards, some blood and sweat, (literally), everyone got safely back to the Magic Van.  HUGE SMILES and a sense of accomplishment showed across everyone's faces.  High fives, laughter, and a photo taken from a non-English speaking couple closed the day on the first Elite Adventure!   Stay tuned for the next one!