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Cash Rewards at Closing

Register with one of our military appreciation programs to earn a valuable cash reward/rebate.

The Corcoran Pacific Military Appreciation Program, and those of our military appreciation real estate rebate partners, extend a sincere mahalo to active and retired military members.

Depending on the price of your home, you can receive between $350 - $8,000 cash benefit. There’s no cost to participate.

Our military real estate specialists will connect you with a program that is tailored to your real estate needs.

Thank you for your service.

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How the program works

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Our program is available to all branches

of the military and is open to:

  • Active Duty Military and Spouses
  • Veterans and Spouses
  • Retired Military and Spouses
  • Reservists and Spouses

Thank you
for your service!

Who qualifies for the program