Agent NewsCorcoran Pacific April 15, 2022

Corcoran Pacific proudly sponsors the 2022 Merrie Monarch Festival

Once again in 2022, Corcoran Pacific is proud to be a major sponsor of the Merrie Monarch Festival, held yearly since 1964 in Hilo on Hawaii Island. The festival honors the legacy of King David Kalakaua who was fondly named the “Merrie Monarch”: a patron of the arts, celebrated for his love and preservation of Hawaiian cultural traditions. The week-long festivities attract a wide international audience and are scheduled to be held live, culminating in a three day hula competition on April 21, 22 and 23.

As Chuck Garrett, Senior Vice President and Principal Broker of Corcoran Pacific Properties remarked, “We are proud to support hula, which we consider an educational form of the highest order, pairing memetic dance with native-language chants. Hula continues its extensive reach around the world and with the return of a safer travel environment, Hawai‘i can expect to see performances from Hawai‘i and California hula halau.”

The dictionary definition of hula is “a dance involving six basic steps, undulating hips and gestures symbolizing or imitating natural phenomena, historical or mythological subjects.” And while the performances during the Merrie Monarch festival are stunning to watch (not to mention listen to, as the music is mesmerizing), truly appreciating the diversity and richness of hula involves exploring some of the beautiful aspects of Hawaiian culture and terminology associated with music and dance.

To learn more about the Merrie Monarch Festival and Hawaiian culture, be sure to visit the Corcoran Inhabit blog “Super Bowl of Hula” Keeps Hawaiian Tradition Alive” and the festival page at

Even though this year the Merrie Monarch Festival is held live, the audience is very limited. The great news is that viewers around the world can stream the event broadcast live on KFVE, along with pre-event segments at:

Be sure to check the schedule below: