Pets of Corcoran Pacific Properties

Posted Thursday, April 2, 2020 by Liana Mayer

Much like many of you, we have found ourselves working with new (slightly more distracting) coworkers: our pets. While most of our furry friends love having us home all the time, some of them are getting annoyed by the constant attention. Please enjoy this series of the Corcoran Pacific ohana working with their pets.

This is Jenni Lee's office kitty, Koko. She loves her mama!

Leo Dodier's dog is sleeping on the job!

Fran McDonald's dog, Kona, is so happy to have her home more!

Kerri Jo Heim's dog, Yuki, sitting at the top of the stairs at the entry to her office. Yuki stays with her all day while she works. 

Julee Kipi's cat, Raider, watches her when she's trying to work.

Erik and Romy Jacobson's kitty, Tater, is helping with their new listing remarks. What a good coworker!

Liana Mayer's cat, Indy, taking a very important business call.

Sandi O'Shaughnessy cuddling with Grace, Stella, and Edward.

Joanna Langada's kitty, Cece, "helping" her work.

Kim Rodrigues' office assistant for the day - Peter rabbit!

Jeff Fox's kitty, Carol, is staying home and practicing social distancing from one of her favorite bags!

Kyle Brown and Chuck Garrett's cat, Schuster, is very happy that everyone is practicing social distancing. He's never been a fan of getting very close to strangers.

Amanda van Weert's cat, Missy, is always ready to lend a hand while she works from home.

Sharly Ward's cat, Poki, diligently watching a webinar with her.

Sharon Brown spending some quality time with Bella.

Cameron Clements taking a snuggly work break with his cat, Deborah.

Sasha Capone working with her dog, Roman, in her sunny backyard.

Dana Asis' dogs, Bob and Ikaika, patiently wondering when she's going to get off her Zoom calls to take them for a walk. Hoku was happy to see them when they walked out to the pasture for his feed and grooming.

Michael Dinder's dog, Max, is happy to have him spending more time at home!

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