Hawaii NewsListings July 21, 2023

Life in Hawaii | Best Place to Live | Buying a House | North Shore Surf Yoga Big Waves Jane Dubiel

Join us in celebrating Jane Dubiel as she hosts an unforgettable episode of American Dream TV. Dive into a mesmerizing Day in the Life in Hawaii, specifically on the stunning North Shore of Oahu. Brace yourself for the world-famous Eddie Aikau Surf Contest at Waimea Bay and get a sneak peek into the captivating photography of Erik Kabik, who has worked with renowned stars like Gwen Stefani and Billy Idol. Prepare to be inspired as you meet the legendary lifeguard of Waimea Bay, Joey Aloha, and witness the allure of oceanfront real estate on the North Shore. Immerse yourself in the unique lifestyle of multi-generational living and discover serenity at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows through yoga, meditation, and deep breathing. Get ready to be blown away by the power of massive waves and feel the thrill of surfing in the extraordinary Seven Mile Miracle that is the North Shore.


Episode 1 – A Day in the Life in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu. Home of the Eddie Aikau Surf Contest at Waimea Bay, Celebrity Photographer Erik Kabik (Gwen Stefani, Billy Idol, Dave Matthews Band, Rihanna, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Kelly Slater), Waimea Bay Lifeguard Joey Aloha, Oceanfront Real Estate on the North Shore, Multi-Generational Living, Ke Iki Beach Bungalows, Yoga, Meditation, Deep Breathing, Big Waves, Surfing…all within the Seven Mile Miracle that is the North Shore! Join me for a day of home buying in Hawaii. Dream Living! American Dream Network! American Dream TV! Corcoran Pacific Properties! Hawaii!