Hawaii News December 14, 2020

Local Business Spotlight: RevoluSun Smart Home

Going Solar

It’s the busiest time of the year for the solar and smart home professionals at RevoluSun, as the company works to complete its photovoltaic, solar hot water, and air conditioning installs ahead of end of year deadlines. Locally owned and operated, RevoluSun has been Hawaii’s #1 solar and smart home provider for over ten years and you can tell that experience is put to good use when it gets down to crunch time. Amidst the hustle and bustle, original founder and CIO (Chief Innovative Officer) Eric Carlson is in his element. He posits, “We’ve continued to make some real solid investments back into our business and it shows in how our team handles all of the increased demand.” He continues, “Ironically enough, this year has been a banner year for the solar industry in general, and we can expect the same kind of trajectory in the coming year as well.” Over the past decade, the company has helped over 8,500+ customers achieve energy independence with solar and smart home solutions and Eric sees no slowing down. “People ask me all the time, when’s the best time to go solar?” Eric says with a wry smile… “The best time to install solar is yesterday.”

A Solar Powered Life

RevoluSun’s local ties to Hawaii run deep, and the company has a long track record of giving back to the community. From beach clean ups to charity telethons, Eric and his team are always looking for ways to support others. “It’s really simple,” Eric starts, “we live in the same neighborhoods, our kids go to the same schools, and our families play at the same beaches, so giving back has always been one of our company’s core values.” When paired with the company’s penchant for technical innovation and solar ‘know how’, RevoluSun has become Hawaii’s most trusted solar provider. Eric elaborates, “Our goals extend well beyond professional success. I like to think that we’re leaving a legacy of clean energy for our keiki.”

Solar Panels, Batteries, Air Conditioners, Oh My!

Solar panels, inverters, racking, consumption monitoring, the solar industry is fraught with terminology and technology that can be difficult for many of us to understand. Eric explains, “Part of what we do is break down all the elements of your system into easily digestible bits, and then show you how each part is integral to the next and, by the end, you completely understand the ins and outs of your investment.” Eric laughs and continues, “We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve seen a few of ‘the next great ideas and products’ come and go, all the while embracing new dependable technologies to benefit our customers.” The end result? A local solar company that is equal parts innovation and education; a tried and true solar provider that has stood the test of time and promises to be there for years to come.

If you’ve just purchased a new home, or own a home on Oahu, and are looking for solutions to your solar and smart home questions, feel free to contact Eric and his team of solar professionals at RevoluSun Smart Home at (808) 748-8888 or check them out online at revolusun.com.